Hall of Fame

Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma has produced numerous outstanding individuals over the past decades. It is time to recognize the accomplishments made by these individuals to their profession or society by establishing a place of honor for them. These honored individuals exemplify the tradition of excellence perpetuated at Booker T. Washington High School during the many decades that the school has been in existence. The Distinguished Hall of Fame program of recognition will reinforce to the current students the importance of a sound educational foundation and provide them with positive role models in the pursuit of their careers and lifestyles.   Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly is spearheading this effort.  Applications will be considered for up to three years.

 Please click here for the official nomination form


 1.  Honorees may not be part of the school at the time of induction and should have graduated from Booker T. Washington High School at least seven years prior to nomination or retired from service at least three years prior to nomination.

2.  Honorees must have a commendable record of service and exemplary behavior since graduation.

            3.  Honorees must be willing and able to participate in the induction ceremonies.

            4.  Honorees may be nominated and inducted posthumously.

            5.  Honorees must be nominated on the official nominating form.

6. Any supporting materials such as newspaper articles and/or stories must be submitted with the nominating form.


Nomination Categories:


  1. Education - nominees, who have demonstrated high standards of teaching and advanced the  cause of education through developing innovations in education, quantifiable professional accomplishments, membership in educational affiliated organizations, demonstrated leadership roles in an academic environment, mentoring teachers  and demonstrated an overall zeal for teaching.
  2. Medicine and Science-through practice and/or research; individuals who are surgeons, specialists, and/or general practitioners of high regard or distinction; scientists who have benefited humanity in an important area of existence or who have added substantially to the body of human knowledge; recipients of distinguished awards in any field of scientific endeavor.
  3.   Business and Professional – nominees, who are respected economists, influential stock market analysts, CEOs of noted corporations or businesses, particularly successful business persons, legal professionals or individuals displaying exemplary entrepreneurial skill.
  4. Arts and Entertainment – nominees, who are well-known or frequently published writers, winners of prestigious literary, acting, or artistic awards; influential critics; recognized musicians or composers; media celebrities
  5. Humanitarian and Service – nominees, who have rendered consistent and significant service to the local, state, national or international communities.
  6. Athletics – nominees who are all-Americans, Olympians, or all-star professional athletes; renowned or especially successful coaches, sports specialists, sports promoters.
  7. Lifetime Recognition – This category is reserved for nominees who may not have attained award status in their chosen field but whose life and work at Booker T. Washington High School demonstrates high moral character and dignity, or who has demonstrated courage in overcoming extraordinary obstacles in life.
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